About the Association

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Association is to provide past and current students of the Institute of Buddhist Studies opportunities for networking and professional development, as well as to facilitate friendship and service in the Buddha-Dharma.


The Steering Committee

Thomas Calobrisi – Current doctoral student at the Graduate Theological Union in Buddhist studies. GTU-IBS Class of 2016.

Blayne Higa – Current MDiv. Student in Shin Buddhist Ministry and Chaplaincy at the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Jamie Kimmel – Chaplaincy student. GTU-IBS Class of 2017,

Candice Shibata – Resident minister at the Berkeley Buddhist Temple. GTU-IBS Class of 2015, with a certificate in Buddhism and Contemporary Psychology.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us at alumni@shin-ibs.edu.